Friday Aug 8 @ 08:22pm


Me and adult life.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 10:58am

I’m the best of the best. I’m Blair Waldorf.

Monday Jul 7 @ 09:35pm

Monday Jul 7 @ 02:19pm

iPhone Backgrounds → The Lion King by request

Saturday Jul 7 @ 12:15pm

Do I get a chip for this? Pouring the drink. Swishing it. Smelling it. Leaving the bar without taking a sip. Is this what getting clean feels like?

Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:22am
Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:38pm

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 06:51pm


season 4 bloopers (x)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:02pm

doin’ life. (x)

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 07:39am
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